Cloud KB understands the challenges Meter Asset Managers face, whether that’s billing reports, tracking appointed meter points, or operational inefficiencies stemming from manual data entry and inaccurate industry data. Our MAM solution is built specifically to allow MAMs to spend more time on the profitable parts of their business and less time correcting data.

Key Features:

Appointment Flows

The solution maintains an accurate record of your meter points. In addition, our uMESH database will give you access to the full details of the meter points. Plus the relevant flows and information about the MAP and previous Suppliers/MAMs.

Asset Register

The Asset Register displays at-a-glance information about your appointed meter points and associated meter technical details. The table reports a range of information from appointed from and to dates to flow history and meter details. 

Industry Workflows

No matter how a work order arrives, uMESH can process them and send the required data to your scheduling system. Additionally, the flexibility of the solution allows manual orders to be created for non-standard flows.

Analytical Reporting

The uMESH front-end view displays dashboards and reports which detail the status of work orders and outgoing dataflows. Fully configurable during system set-up, this module provides an at-a glance view of your operational status. 

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