If there’s one bottleneck you can rely on when it comes to meter installations and necessary data flows to be sent in its wake – it’s the resource-heavy need for data validation.

The unique constraints around SMETS2 installations are most likely to increase this headache significantly, especially where FSM systems are not compatible for instant validation of your installer’s input.

Validation issues are reducing from 6 installations per engineer per day to an average of 2.5 for SMETS2. It’s quite obvious we are in great need of a smarter solution!

And that’s one of the main drivers for our Android Smart Meter Installation App. With the app in hand, the engineer needs to input less data manually, as core device data is already loaded onto the handheld. Links to industry databases and supplier inventory also ensures the data returned on the completed worksheet can be forwarded automatically in the relevant industry flows.

What’s not to like?