Cloud KB understand the challenges Meter Asset Providers face, be that time pressure, errors caused by manual billing processes, or operational inefficiencies stemming from an inadequate asset management and tracking system. Our MAP solutions are built specifically to let Meter Asset Providers track their assets and to generate accurate and timely billing data while saving overheads.

When it comes to automated supplier billing, Cloud KB are changing the way the energy industry communicates! At Cloud KB we’re changing the way that the energy industry communicates! Our software removes the pain points associated with the accurate billing of suppliers. Connecting your assets, your industry data flows, and your pricing modules gives you a single view of your financial forecasts and billing data from which you can generate any number of bespoke reports – and invoices.

Key Features:

Automated Industry Flows

Built-in industry flows for both gas & electric ensures that the uMESH asset register is updated automatically from supplier and MOA updates.

SMETS2 Firmware Management

Automatic firmware reporting for all SMETS2 devices, including CPL firmware expiry date. Enabling MAPs to help suppliers prevent their meters from going dark.

Asset Management

Benefit from real time analytics on everything from installation to billing data. Smart Meters are tracked through their lifecycle – from manufacturer to MOA to wall to triage – within uMESH.

SMETS2 Device updates

uMESH imports data from any and all sources you specify – from DCC device status to MOA installation reports and ONUPDs/D0303s – to maintain your asset and billing records. With your data synchronised in one place and accessible via bespoke reports, billing and management is quicker and more accurate.

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