Published by PR Newswire on 05/12/2018

Cloud KB Launches Solution to Save Smart Meter Roll Out


The target for 53 million homes by 2020 has become an industry joke and 2023 looks increasingly challenging. Installation rates are now so low, labour intensive and costly that theyre wiping out the very savings smart meters were supposed to generate, and could even increase consumers energy bills.

Duck loving, smart meter specialists, Cloud KB Ltd have launched their solution to tackle the problem. MATS is the first universal SMETS2 Meter Asset Tracking Android App designed to double meter installation rates and halve costs!

So, how many people does it take to install a smart meter? Too many, installers say, which is why the smart meter roll out is taking too long and costing too much. The National Audit Office agrees, saying that the government’s ambition to offer smart meters to everyone by 2020 won’t be met and that roll out costs will rise.

Kevin Bird, Managing Director at Cloud KB, the smart meter specialists with the distinctive duck marketing, argues that the problem is the lack of automated validation at the point of commissioning and installation. This prevents swift on-site device validation, resulting in lengthy manual checking by head offices. Consequently, instead of 6 homes per day, meter installers are averaging less than 2.5.

Cloud KB Ltd today launched their solution MATS  the first universal SMETS2 Meter Asset Tracking Android App. MATSdoubles installation rates and halves costs by liberating smart meter engineers to carry out 100% device validation on-site independently, without the need for head office support. Kevin Bird said:

Meter installers need rapid, automated validation at the point of installation carried out by a single operative on-site. MATS does just that  Its a simple, easy to use smart app thats fully compatible with all DCC Adapters and all Android devices. 

Christopher Fagan, Director of Access Install – the ambitious MOP/ MAM / MAP agrees and confirmed that their 1500 engineers will start using MATSHe said:

Integrating Cloud KBs MATS solution with our own internally developed market-leading scheduling software was an easy decision. Tailoring the suppliers needs first to ensure swift, economical and compliant installs was key for both companies. We look forward to our future partnership.

MATS is a purpose-built, fully DCC compatibleindustry-wide solution, specifically designed for installers on-site. It can manage both RGMA gas & DTN electric smart meter data flows, inventory and appointed assets in one system. MATS also interfaces seamlessly with any workflow management and scheduling system – all via the Cloud.

If MATS is adopted as the industry standard, it could rescue the government’s smart metering programme, putting it back on track and back on budget.