A lot of effort has gone into educating the public about SMETS2. Did we forget about those at the sharp end?

The noise around SMETS2 has been a part of the energy industry background for many years now. But only as we start getting new meters on the wall — hitting the ground stumbling, as it were — has it become clear that, for all the discussions, documents and media campaigns, there has been a gaping education gap where it matters.

The fault for this must lie squarely with the government agencies tasked with making SMETS2 a reality. Perhaps the project has been so long delayed that the original personnel have moved on to breeding dogs and counting slippers; but there has definitely been a lack of cohesive thinking and planning, especially where the Supplier and Meter Operator relationship is concerned.

Although Meter Operators were ensuring that their installers had the skills needed to put SMETS2 devices on the wall, little or no effort was expended – nor, indeed, was much advice proffered – for determining the logical commissioning process that would send and receive messages from the DCC.

A smart meter on a wall with no connectivity is, after all, simply a better-looking dumb meter. Perhaps the whole campaign has secretly been a way to tidy the meter cupboards of Britain.

The Cloud KB team

Cloud KB Limited