Why Cloud Knowledge Base?

A word from Kevin Bird, Director

Over the last decade, how we use and access the internet has changed enormously. The advent of Smart phones, tablets and social networking through mediums such as Facebook and Twitter has led to an expectation of speed in how we now communicate.

We want up-to-the minute information, and we want easy access to the businesses we spend our money and time with.

Over the last decade I have been at the forefront of the changing face of the internet, designing bespoke IT structures and applications for businesses.  The knowledge and experience acquired has led seamlessly into the shift towards the Cloud.

For me, the Cloud was an inevitable change, but a change for the better.  The traditional structure of running a business through a server and software was just too limiting for businesses to compete efficiently.

So often I meet company directors who want to shake up the way their business operates.  They don’t want to be hemmed in by the ‘industry way of doing things’.  As the demands of the ever discerning consumer changes, they want to meet them head on with operational excellence.

The Cloud and Cloud Apps give businesses the opportunity to take a fresh look at how to be a progressive player in the market place.

The technical experience and business foresight that Cloud Knowledge Base gives will not only reward you financially, but also improve how you run your business in the longer term.


Energy companies, care homes, private equity, recruitment and education ranging from a few users to 1000’s of users. We have migrated over 15,000 users over the last few years.

We’re Good At This

The Cloud is what we do.

For over a decade, we’ve been working with businesses looking to the internet for competitive advantage. No matter how innovative the business solutions, running a company through local servers and local software always puts a limit on the potential for true efficiency.

An increasing number of company directors are searching for that next advantage – the IT solution that will give their business the edge over their competitors.

This is where the Cloud and Office 365 deliver. That combination gives your business the opportunity to step up and be a progressive player in the market place.

We are innovators at Cloud Knowledge Base and we understand business. At the same time, you understand your business and the unique way your staff need to work. Putting our technical innovation to the service of your expertise ensures that we can work together to find the best Cloud:Migrate service to help your business improve profits, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage.

  • I have worked with Cloud Knowledge Base on a couple of projects and their professional and personable approach is always well received. I look forward to working with the team again in the future. -Paula McGarry, Creative Director at Macsima

  • Kevin takes traditional industries and matches them with a modern day up-to-the-minute IT solution.  The systems he has implemented have not only reduced costs, they have now become part of our USP, because we can deliver a better customer service. He was great to work with, his aptitude and approach delivered what we needed rather than selling a set solution.  – Tim, Vantage Meters

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