Migrate to the Cloud

Enterprise Scale IT Without Enterprise IT Overheads

Cloud:Migrate liberates your Office applications from the server room.

Give your staff secure access to their Office applications – including business email – from almost anywhere and on all their devices.

Now everyone in your company is free to be more productive – wherever they’re working. And all without traditional IT support.

Cloud:Migrate gives you all the benefits of moving to the Cloud – and with no email downtime.

Fixed Costs and Clear Benefits

Now you will know your staff’s application costs on a per user basis month by month.

No more CAPEX estimates, no more sudden expenditure for new disk arrays and server upgrades, and no more desperate searching for IT staff replacements or expensive contractors.

Cloud:Migrate helps remove all those worries. With your email and Office applications in the cloud, you immediately reduce costs.

Along with reduced costs, you will benefit from:

1. Supplier independence – you’re no longer tied to hardware and reseller contracts

2. Security of service – there is no single point of failure

3. System security – anti-virus and anti-spam is included and always up to date

4. The latest software – always up to date and upgraded seamlessly and automatically

5. Scalability – it’s easy to add (or remove) users

The Five Simple Steps

Making the decision to migrate to the Cloud is one thing. But with your existing IT infrastructure sitting in your server room, how do you ensure there is minimal disruption to your staff and no loss of emails or productivity?

With Cloud:Migrate, you’re choosing a process that makes use of tested industry tools to ensure a successful risk-free migration.

Your migration will always follow these five steps:

1. Audit: we analyse what needs to move

2. Choose: select which of the Cloud:Migrate services best suits your needs

3. Plan: we show you exactly what will happen – and when

4. Migrate: we move you to the cloud

5. Review: we make sure you’re happy with the results

We’re Good At This

The Cloud is what we do.

For over a decade, we’ve been working with businesses looking to the internet for competitive advantage. No matter how innovative the business solutions, running a company through local servers and local software always puts a limit on the potential for true efficiency.

An increasing number of company directors are searching for that next advantage – the IT solution that will give their business the edge over their competitors.

This is where the Cloud and Office 365 deliver. That combination gives your business the opportunity to step up and be a progressive player in the market place.

We are innovators at Cloud Knowledge Base and we understand business. At the same time, you understand your business and the unique way your staff need to work. Putting our technical innovation to the service of your expertise ensures that we can work together to find the best Cloud:Migrate service to help your business improve profits, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage.

Take The First Step Now

Discover the savings a migration to the Cloud can provide.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll see how the switch can affect your bottom line.

Alternatively, call us now on 0203 637 0011 to arrange a free, no obligation audit of your existing application infrastructure.

We’ll also help you find the best way to migrate to the cloud – and give you a fixed price quotation for the work.