The Cloud changes everything

Its not just about protecting the perimeter

CLOUD:security Monitoring and Reporting

The old model has been turned inside out. We used to be inside a protected domain, the company. The firewall was on the outside and we were on the inside. Now the servers are in the cloud and the users are on the internet. Added to that, we now have a proliferation of bring your own devices: mobiles, tablets and laptops and the internet of things to deal with.

Cloud:Security gives you allows you to see your network

Why Protect now

Whats changed?

Fundamentally its about the value of your data, criminals now know what data to look for and how to extort money for it. Its child’s play, with teenagers able to compromise corporations by sending an email  its nearly impossible to prevent an organisation from being compromised. What is critical is the speed of the response and visibility is key to enable reporting. By controlling and isolating the event before it spreads you can deal with it internally and protect your reputation.

Proposed EU legislation will mean that organisations will have to pay a significant fine if they do not have the controls in place to report a breach in a short period of time.

Cloud Knowledge Base provides a different perspective to security. It is no longer about penetration testing or protecting the perimeter.

There is no perimeter to protect!

Cloud:Secure Don’t just protect – detect and respond!

The key ares that need to be protected are:

1. Email – it contains your organisations history and the ability to reset passwords

2. Mobile – mobile devices often have unprotected email and documents

3. Internet DDOS – can cripple an organisation and hide other attacks

4. Insider Threats – are still the easiest and most common way to data loss

5. Traditional – Firewalls, AV, Updates, Passwords – all need to be managed

The Five Simple Steps

Prevention is still a highly important part of an organisations integrity, but in addition to protecting you need to identify the critical data, monitor and encrypt it.

With CLOUD:secure, you’re choosing a process that makes use of tested industry tools to reduce risk.

Your Cloud security should include these five steps:

1. Monitor: Know whats happening in your network

2. Log Analytics: they are the key to early intrusion detection 

3. Encryption: Encrypt everything, control and manage

4. Email: contains your organisations history, protect it.

5. Reporting: is the key to reducing liability and exposure.

We’re Good At This

The Cloud Security is what we do.

For over a decade, we’ve been working with businesses looking to the internet for competitive advantage. No matter how innovative the business solutions, running a company through local servers and local software always puts a limit on the potential for true efficiency.

An increasing number of company directors are searching for that next advantage – the IT solution that will give their business the edge over their competitors.

We are innovators at Cloud Knowledge Base and we understand business. At the same time, you understand your business and the unique way your staff need to work. Putting our technical innovation to the service of your expertise ensures that we can work together to find the best CLOUD:secure service to help your business improve profits, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage.

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